Mktg Case Studies

Case studies

Flying to the Auto Bailout on a Private Jet
Basic problems
In this case study, there is wastage of resources. The CEOs of the nation's three largest automobiles uses private jets to attend the corporate public relations congress. This is wastage of resources since they are using private jets to travel when their companies are struggling to stay afloat. Ignorance is another basic problem evident in this case study. These CEOs are very ignorant. They attend the corporate public relation congress in Washington unprepared and thus appear to know nothing about their problems. The three companies, GM, Ford and Chrysler, lack the concepts of public relations.
The main issues
American economy is melting down. Most of the workers are losing their jobs since the companies cannot handle many workers anymore. The companies have got inadequate cash. Bankruptcy is another main issue experienced in this case study. The General Motors Company and the Chrysler can no longer pay their debts.
Key decisions
  * According to the case study, the leaders have to come up with a new public relations strategy.
  * The CEOs should correct any mistakes they have made before such as using private jets to travel.
  * Introduce innovation in products
  * The auto industry of the US should promote its products.
  * Ensure transparency in business operations.
SWOT analysis
  * Availability of resources for the companies
  * Existence of labor force
  * Inadequate cash
  * Bankruptcy
  * Product innovations
  * Global markets
  * Competition
  * Poor economy
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