Mkt 571 Week 3 Quiz Latest Uop Assignment

MKT 571 Week 3 Quiz Latest UOP Assignment

1. Most new-product activities are devoted to
• introducing backward integration
• changing the target markets
• improving existing products
• changing the existing market dynamics

2. Which of the following is the best example of a new-to-the-world product?
• Tata Motors, an Indian automobile company, acquires Jaguar to extend its business
• Kids-Med, a company that produces childcare products, launches a non-contact thermometer
• Walmart, the retail giant, opens new stores in an underdeveloped African country
• Pestorica, a publishing company, decides to launch a new sports magazine

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3. ________ is the ability of a company to prepare on a large-scale basis individually designed products, services, programs, and communications.
• Interoperability
• Mass customization
• Reverse engineering
• Backward compatibility

4. Which of the following will most help service providers overcome the limitation of intangibility of services when positioning itself?
• Sharing services
• Using brand symbols
• Working with larger groups
• Cultivating non-peak demand

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5. Which of the following is most closely related with the organic growth of an organization?
• Developing new products from within
• Increasing productivity of employees
• Acquiring a product or service brand
• Increasing the operational profitability

6. When the physical product cannot be easily differentiated, the key to competitive success may lie in adding valued services and improving their quality. The main service differentiators are ordering ease, delivery, installation, ________, customer consulting, maintenance, and repair.
• ease of use
• technology intensity
• adaptability
• customer training

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7. Services high in ________ are...