Mkt 421

Some of the sources that professional values and ethics could come from but are not limited to are organizational value and code of conduct, societal expectations and individual beliefs and backgrounds.   The way that someone was raised and the beliefs they grew up with greatly influence professional values for example everyone should be able to work in an environment that they can be their selves in someone who was raised with family values of being honest could not work for someone who expects their employees to lie at any point whether it be for coworkers or for a boss.   Feeling the pressure from the peers can cause a person to reconsider their own moral and ethic values.   It takes a lot of control and strong beliefs in how you believe to make the right choices and make sure that what you believe in is going to work with the problem trying to be solved.   In organizations their values and ethics are usually already defined in the company‚Äôs handbooks or bylaws that way the company is up front with the employees and what is expected of them which can make working for a company easier.   Organizations can set these codes of conduct and everyone no matter their values or ethnic backgrounds must abide by them or it could cause them to be terminated.   So if this is the case some people will have to make individual choices because it may not go with the way they believe or their ethnic background.