Instructions to candidates

There are nine tasks and it is important that you attempt all tasks.

The time allowed for this Applied Business Communications and Personal Skills assessment is 2 hours.

Additional time up to a maximum of 1 hour may be scheduled by your tutor to allow for delays due to computer issues, such as printer queues and uploading documents to LearnPlus.


Your name is Alex Morris and you work as an assistant in the Customer Accounts Department of Trudie Baron, a retail organisation. The department is headed by a manager and is made up of a number of teams. There are four members of your team, including you and your supervisor.

The organisation issues a summer catalogue each February and a winter catalogue each August. Customers are not charged for the catalogue or for its delivery.

Your work includes issuing catalogues to existing and potential customers. You update customer account records to show when catalogues have been sent out. You also deal with customer enquiries. Your email address is am@fashionnobility.com and the email address of the Customer Accounts Department is ca@fashionnobility.com.

Task 1

Today’s date is 15 March, 20XX.

The Customer Accounts Manager has given you some verbal feedback. She is pleased that recently you were up to date with your own tasks and offered to help a colleague prepare a report. The report was required by the Accounts Department. It showed the number of summer and winter catalogues sent out in the past year, and their cost. This report was successfully completed by the deadline.

Complete the statements below by selecting the appropriate word or phrase from the picklist provided.

a) Formal feedback should be provided to you by the Customer Accounts Manager at your

b) You showed initiative by

c) The feedback from the Customer Accounts Manager suggests that organisation of time is one of your...