Kiran Khan

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1 Personal Profile:

  . I am hard working and flexible and I love to learn new skills. I do have a wealth of life experience and feel that the
  . Knowledge I have gained is hugely beneficial to other types of job roles. As I am only able to give recent background   information as my CV states as I have been a housewife and are now a single parent I am now looking for something new and challenging and   believe that a lot of the skills and experience gained over the years are transferrable.


3 Key Skills:

      . Excellent cleaning skills gained from personal life
. Mature and professional approach
. Good communication skills
. Able to work flexibly
. The ability to manage the daily tasks effectively

4 Work Experience:

    • 2013 – Ongoing Voluntary Work
                    • Currently volunteering at my son’s primary school
                    • Assisting the teacher in the classroom
                    • Listening to the children read, assisting with classwork
                    • Looked after the children during dinner and play time
                    • Interacted with children in outdoor activities

    • 2008 – 2014 Sole Care for Child
                    • Stay at home mum for the past few months.
                    • Looked after my 6 year old son and managed the daily household chores.
                    • Responsible for maintaining the smooth running of the household.

2 Education & Training:

    • 2010 Greenheys Adult...