2.9 Evaluate the procedures and practices used to implement the curriculum for children’s learning.
The curriculum that we use in Flying Start is to prepare children ready for the Foundation Phase, I believe it works well and is suitable to adapt all the children’s individual needs, for the children to achieve the best possible outcome for their development. In our setting each member of staff are responsible for planning a week each which works well as it gives each member of staff the opportunity to plan activities suitable for their key children to help their key children to achieve and other children. It also allows each member of staff to gain experience in planning. There is a planning board in the staff room that we use for ideas to help us when it comes to the planning meeting that we have started having the last Thursday of every term. It’s where all the members of staff meet up and discuss different topics to do during each term because each term we change our topics making sure the children have the opportunity to enjoy the theme but I think when we have long 8 week term it should be changed half way through as on one topic we done the children seemed to get board of learning about the topic for a long period so we had to change it half way through. I believe that the planning board doesn’t work well as not every member of staff puts ideas on it until the meeting.
When we started planning first we would match the activity to the curriculum but found that it was giving us difficulty to find activities suitable to match the curriculum, so now we match the curriculum to the activity. Also we used to make sure that every activity had a learning outcome to go with it to complete the children’s personal development file and tick a checklist on every task that we carried out but found we wasn’t spending much quality time to help the children complete their tasks, so now we use sticky notes to put on our observation board or we do checklist at the end of...