All staff members must have a strong commitment to the pupils, the school, school workforce and
the local community. All staff should behave in a professional manner at all times as their actions reflect on the school. All staff should seek to improve their skills both personally and professionally. The school’s code of conduct relates to how you behave towards all people who are linked to school:
· Pupils Acting in an appropriate manner towards them respecting confidentiality, being
impartial, have compassion, sensitivity, information passed on about a pupil is factual
and up-to-date.
· Colleagues
Respecting their role, being honest, support others when needed, respecting confidentiality.
· Parents
Working in close partnership cooperatively, giving factual and concise information to
them about educational matters.
· School governors
o Give factual and accurate information with regards to school matters, form similar
relations as that for parents.
· Local community
o Become aware of the links between the school and community.
The Teaching Assistant has to bear in mind their work commitments, which are to fulfil their
contractual obligations as a staff member of the school.

So what are the factors that will affect building of relationships from an external source? We are
looking at this section in the context that the child or young person doesn’t have any internal factors
affecting their ability to form effective relationships.
Economic Factors
It has been shown that children who live in deprived areas have a harder time socialising than their more affluent peers. There may be several factors to account for the differences, but one of the most important is that the community as a whole likely has limited access to social opportunities. In towns with a comfortable economic demographic, there are typically many organisations that offer activities for children, but in communities where money is especially tight, residents do not have the...