Outline the claim that consumption creates new social divisions

Approximately 250 words
Define social divisions
Consumer society
Sources:Chapter 1 Making Social Lives, Hetherington

Main Body
Approximately 800 words
Old divisions in an industrial society
Some people are better placed to join a consumer society.
Bauman/Claim: Society Divided into group. Concept: Seduced & repressed.
Discuss Sites of consumption and the divides they create.
Jacksons research
Supermarkets create economical and social divisions.
Wrongs Concept Zero-sum-game/Positive-sum game
Sources: Chapter 1 Making Social Lives, Hetherington. Citing Bauman, Jackson and Wrong

Approximately 200 words
Summarise that consumption has created new social divsions by drawing together the claims, concepts and research of the people citied in the main body of essay.

Outline the claim that consumption creates new social divisions.

The concept of social division is used by social scientists to explain models of social structure, where people are grouped together in the order of their perceived rank. Thirty years ago social scientists would have referred to the UK as an Industrial Society, where people were defined by class divisions such as upper, middle and working class. During the 1980's with the reduction in manufacturing, there was a shift in the traditional class divisions which became less clear and social scientists began to discuss a post-industrial society.   Social Scientists now believe that we live in a consumer society and consumption, which is “a term used when referring to the acquisition, use and disposal of goods and services,”(Hetherington, 2009, pg.13), is now more important than work when looking at how people relate to each other and the material world around them. Most social scientists would say a culture based on consumption is not a new concept. As the production of...