Theory Assessment 1 (Word Count 518)

Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle.

I am a Centre Support Facilitator within a training organisation where I support and work with individuals of various ages and abilities. I strongly believe that the teaching cycle is an invaluable tool that can assist educational instructors in their successes in teaching or training.

“Teaching should be a structured possess.   Teaching (and learning) will follow a cycle and the teacher makes use of this to ensure achievement.” (Linda Wilson, 2008, pg15)

The teacher/training cycle is a process where by a training session or course can be carried out effectively and efficiently with a positive out come.   The cycle is in whole made from four sections each of which moves with natural progression to the other.   These individual parts can be simplified in to four headings, Identify, design, implement and Assess/Evaluate.

I believe it to be the teacher’s role and responsibility with any new learner to identify their individual learning needs and styles either by assessment or initial information given by the learner.   Each learner will vary from the simple requirements of a comfortable environment to more specific needs such as dyslexia.   It is important to remember that an individual’s need’s can change at any time and at any stage during learning.   There are numerous theories on how we learn, Kolb’s (1984) Learning cycle illustrates the belief that people learn from experiences, through trial and error and by reflecting on the past.   It is the role of a teacher to take such experiences in education and look at what motivates some one to learn.

At this point I think is important that the teacher understands where their boundaries are and where referral comes in to practice, if a learner needs the support of an outside organisation due to financial difficulties for example a teacher must be aware...