A wounderfully gothic short film with a healthy dose of childhood horror. The sandman is based on   most young childrens fear of the dark,and this is what creates the tension thrughout the film.                                                                            
In a quiet town in a dark house a little boy is playing with a toy drum. The boy is sent to bed by his mother at the top of a long creaky,creepy winding staircase, with only a lantern for light to guide him.at this point the viewer really begains to feel the tension build.over the shoulder shots are used to allow the veiwer to see what the boy is seeing and what he has to go through to get to his room,we soon start to feel his fear.                                                                                   The boy is very frightend because he believes can see all kinds of shadows.when the boy reaches the top of the stairs,stretch shots are used as we begain to wounder if he will mke it to his room or is it just a simple case of a young boys vivid imagination?                                                                                                    
When the boy reaches his room   his room a wide angle shot is used to show all the room, this highlights darkareas of the room where it could be possible for things to hide. The tension begains to rise at this point as then a mouse comes from the shadows and then the veiwer is able to feel relax.                                                             Then as the boy is in bed music starts playing,creaking sounds are able to be heard,as once again the tension begins to slowly build up.Its almost like the creature wants to be heard and seen. The music gets louder as the bedroom door begins to open and the tension dramtecily starts to build,the door fully opens to reviel the young boys mother has come to check on him and once again the veiwer gets lead on to anti-climax....