Introduction to communication

In the work place it is important that people communicate in different ways because some people might have hard of hearing an might not be able to hear you speaking to them so using another way of communication would be best for that person.

Effective communication is a vital method in our daily lives. We should be able to converse efficiently with each other on a personal and business level. Breakdowns in the communication process can lead to misunderstandings, or a communication failure. In order to begin effective communication, one must recognize how the procedure works.

When observing an individual's reactions while communicating it is important to pay attention to their non–verbal reactions such as body language, facial expressions, touch, gestures and voice tone. And verbal so that you understand their feelings and what they are saying. Because different cultures expressions have different meanings. by observing carefully this will help you to respond to them.

In my work place i feel that Verbal Communication includes sounds, words, languages and speaking.
Languages are said to have originated from sounds and gestures. The bases of language formation are gender, age group and other social elements. Speaking is an effective way of communicating and is again classified into two types via interpersonal communication and public speaking.

Non-Verbal Communication:
Non-verbal communication involves physical ways of communication, like, tone of the voice, touch, smell and body motion.

I feel it is very important to build relationships with people involve skills listening, together with appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication. I feel that it also may be important to use friendly, warm non-verbal behaviour that expresses interest in another person such as:
* Making effective eye contact(varied and appropriate contact with another person’s eyes
* Smiling-looking friendly rather than frozen or cold in...