Hair Dresser.
By Viki Clayton.
Qualities Required
The Work
Financial & Regulatory Factors
Scientific Knowledge
Skills Applied
In this I will tell you all the things that you will need to know about what you need to become a Hairdresser. I will also tell you what qualifications you will need, and how much you would earn.
Qualities Required
Become an apprentice in a salon
Gain an NVQ
Foundation degree in hairdressing
Hairdressing will include cutting, styling, colouring, Shaping, Thinning, washing, and Drying.
If you cannot do all of these things then you shouldn’t have become a hairdresser, the company wouldn’t hire you if you couldn’t do any of this as they would be looking for a fully trained hairdresser.
Financial & Regulatory factors
It varies of course. When working in someone's salon, it's usually percentage; 50%. So if a hair cut is $20, employee is paid, $10... then taxes, etc. come out of that. In the beginning, stylists usually don't have much of a following so an employee might put them on an hourly wage until they build a clientelle. A good stylist that hangs in there and builds a good client base can make a nice salary but they need to be patient in the beginning while they're building a client base.

Scientific Knowledge
Hair salons are always tidy and clean as it is dangerous to have the chemicals in an unsafe environment. There is also of equipment evolved in hairdressing and it wouldn’t be safe to have this in the salon if it wasn’t a safe place.