The sports minister branded footballers wages as ‘obscene’ the ‘Speak Sport’ radio show has invited listeners to offer their opinions on footballers wages.

A. Contribution that opposes footballers wages.

      Hi to all on speak sport; I have been listening to your radio show for more than 6 months now. I felt dreadful once hearing some of the ridiculous comments defending footballers’ obscene wages. I think that Gerry Sutcliffe is perfectly right in his opinions. The country is currently in a recession; as a result 281,000 people are currently unemployed, whilst footballers are spending outrageous amounts on needless things. Are these managers out of their senses? It is atrocious the amount these men get paid, considering how little their jobs actually contribute to society. I would like to express my feelings on this controversial subject.

      To begin with footballers earn on average £676,000 per year this amount is truly inexplicable. It was less than 20 years ago; our footballers earned roughly the same amount as skilled plumbers or electricians. I would like to mention how our country is in an economic crisis. In my child’s school there is a woman who was previously a head nurse in her old country and she is now a cleaner in our country. How can the government allow footballers to earn the shocking amounts when there are people who are finding It hard just to survive. They must take whatever job they can to support their families. Whist the recession is biting ever deeper into the United Kingdom, footballers wages seem to defy reality. The recession surely will not have an effect on footballer’s wages.

    As well as this, I would like to compare a nurse’s wages to footballers. Obviously a nurse contributes much more to society than a footballer does. It defies logic that a premier league footballer can earn more in a single week than what an NHS nurse would be paid for up to 6 years of live saving work. Nurses take up huge risks with the job...