Examples studied – Employer 1 - Klick photo point – Luton
                                  Employer 2 -Chanse leather goods - Northampton

Employer 1.
I had been allocated Klick photopoint as a new enrolment through CBE sales team. The ILP indicated that a full H & S check was required. This indicates to me that there are no current learners in this location and therefore a Health & safety assessment is needed to ensure that new learners are working in a safe environment. I always carry these in my stock, along with my green H & S guidance folder.

I telephoned one week prior, to speak to the contact. At this stage I pointed out the nature of my visit and explained that I would need to carry out the assessment, giving the reasons as previously stated. I also added that this is a government requirement as the LSC has funded the awards. The Manager was newly appointed and a little nervous, she was also the learner, but I assured her that this was normal procedure and that I would guide her through the assessment. We agreed a suitable time, allowing 30 minutes which would have minimum impact on the retail business itself. The time would also allow me to carry out the assessment successfully, still giving me ample time to get to my next appointment. I called again the day prior to the scheduled visit, to ensure that there were no problems and the Manager had not forgotten our appointment.

This is a retail environment and I dressed appropriately within CBE guidelines, taking care to wear closed in shoes, as this is usually a retail requirement. When I arrived, a little early, I looked around the shop environment, observing special areas including fire exits, fire fighting equipment, alarms and signage. While the Manager was busy serving customers, I stood back out of the way and took this opportunity to observe the general state of my surroundings, taking into account the safety aspects of customers, visitors and staff. There was a...