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0_3 | Kicks legs and waves armsCan lift head and turn when on frontWatches movements of own hands, plays with own handsHolds rattle for a few seconds if placed in hand | Becomes quiet and turns head towards sound of rattle near headVocalises when spoken to and when alone | Follows movements of large and smaller objects | At this stage babies...explore using their five sensessleep less during the day and more during the nightstop crying when they are picked up Smile and become more res looks at mother's or carer's face when feeding are able to show an increasingly wide range of feelings and responses including pleasure, fear, excitement, unhappiness and contentmen |
6mounths | Sits with supportRolls overPushes head, neck and chest off floor with arms when on frontUses whole hand in palmar grasp, passes toy from one hand to another | Makes singsong vowel sounds, for example ‘aah-aah’, ‘goo’Laughs and chuckles and squeals aloud in playResponds differently to different tones of voiceStarts to respond to noises out of sight with correct visual response | Very curious, easily distracted by movementsImmediately fixes sight on small objects close by and reaches out to grasp themPuts everything in mouthWatches toys fall from hand within range of vision | reach out for familiar people and show a desire to be picked up and heldbegin to be more reserved with, or afraid of, strangersshow a marked preference for their main carer(s)like to play peek-a-boosmile at their own image in a mirrorbecome more aware of themselves in relation to other people and thingslook at their hands and feet with intereststop crying when communicated with. |
9mounths | Sits alone without supportReaches out for toys when sittingMay crawl or shufflePokes at small item with index fingerUses index and middle fingers with thumb in pincer grip to pick up...