Agreement between cleaner / Company   (London) Ltd) and clients

Accepting jobs when they come in - Respond quickly to any offer of a new job with a YES or a NO

If there is anything you are unhappy about on a new job report it to Jackie as soon as possible – i.e. lack of products or cloths, equipment not in good working order, unreasonable requests, things to do that would mean   the job hours are longer than what you are paid for etc. We are here to make sure things run smoothly and that you are treated fairly.

When you are given a new job check the location and travel.   If possible print this out – do not rely on your mobile on the day! Also if you have a job description, print this out and take it with you.

If there is anything you are unhappy about with a job please report it to Jackie - lack of cleaning products or equipment / equipment not working properly or not made available

Clients giving you more work than is on your job description / forgetting to leave money

Write all jobs in a notebook – do not rely on your mobile. You have to report all your jobs / income to HMRC and pay income tax and NIC’s. Remember – if we show HMRC the income to the Company, they can check if you declare your work.

Hours worked - A new job will always take longer than the time allowed the first time, and maybe the second time.

Conduct at work

Tabards and indoor shoes to worn at all times. It is not acceptable (or safe) to work in bare feet or socks.

Please respect client’s property and treat it with care.

Accidents and damage

Always report immediately to Jackie and take a picture. She can then deal with the client.

We ask that you pay for accidents and damage. If you are not prepared to do this then you will need your own insurance.

No phone calls at work unless important – always apologise to the client and make up the time. The exception is if Jackie contacts you which will normally be by text.

Make sure your phone is fully charged and...