204 – 2.1/2.2. Rebecca Hyde.
Brown eyes Blue eyes By Jane Elliot.

The children learnt the hard way of how it is to be of a different colour skin, faith, religion, gender and race. Some of the children took it very personal and thought the teacher was trying to split them all up from their friends, if they had different coloured eyes. Knowing one group was superior than the other they managed the tasks better and faster, to the group at the bottom of the pile. Two of the children got into a fight because one blue eyed child was calling a brown eyed child names and they didn’t like it, so the brown eyed child thought it was better to attack the blue eyed child. Then when they swapped the blue eyed children realised how nasty and wrong it was to think anyone is better than anyone else. The brown eyed children seemed excited when they swapped had the benefits that the blue eyed children had the day before but soon realised it was wrong. At the end the children wearing the collars where very pleased to be getting rid of the separation symbol of the collars that some children ripped the collars up.
I thought the experiment was good idea as all of the children got to sample being on the end of discrimination, and at a young age that they are it will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Hopefully showing others how not to discriminate and to treat everyone as an equal never mind of their age, gender, sexual orientation, colour of their skin, faith, religion, social group and race. Every person is an individual with individual needs to get along in society.