Your Internal control and accounting systems (ISYS) report is a great
way to show the skills and knowledge you have gained through your AAT
training. Getting started is often the hardest part – this guide will help you
plan your report and give you a basic structure to follow.
Use this guide to give you an idea of what AAT
is looking for to be competent in this unit. In addition
to this booklet, make sure you read and understand
the assessment criteria for Internal control and
accounting systems on page 16 of this guide.
You’ll need to refer to the criteria when planning
and writing your report.
A formal written report is used to assess this unit
because it shows that you’ve gained a wider range
of skills than those assessed by examination.
It also gives you an essential skill for the accounting
work environment.
Key skills
Planning: you’ll need to plan all aspects of the
recommendation that you make, for any contingencies
and for the consequences of any changes made.
Analytical: your report should be analytical in nature,
not descriptive. You’ll need to be able to analyse a
current situation in a clear non-judgemental manner.
Researching: your report and recommendations will
need to be researched with evidence of this included
in the appendices. You should also list the research
tools you used in the methodology section.
Report writing: a skill you’ll need to use throughout
your career.
Time management: you’ll need to ensure that
all aspects of the report are completed on time.
The report must be fully completed within six months.
This will mean you’ll need to ensure that you have
completed it within four months of starting to allow
for updates, assessment and verification.
Your responsibility as a student
You’ll need to make sure that you choose a topic
or theme for your report that will generate high
quality evidence. This evidence will help prove to
your assessor that you are competent against the
assessment criteria....