Unit 502 Promote Professional Development

"In the past thirty years globalisation, innovation and technology have all been major influences on the pace of change in society. The health and social care sector has experienced significant changes during this time to the extent that change is now regarded as part of every day life. Significant social change has also taken place. For health and social care the impact of this change has meant that individuals have higher expectations of the quality and support. They also expect a greater level of involvement with a shift towards personalisation and partnership working. New models of care service delivery are also emerging to compete in the increasingly diverse social care market, e.g. personal assistants supporting individuals with personal budgets. These changes have resulted in a cultural shift with the professionalisation of the workforce and the requirement for continuing professional development"
quote taken from; Diploma in leadership for health and social care
Nelson Thornes

Therefore, professional delevopment must be viewed as a continuous process where knowledge, understanding and skills are being updated and improved to meet the ever changing demands of the sector and service users.
From April 1st 2015 the new Care Act comes into place.
Explaining care and support
‘Care and support’ is the term used to describe the help some adults need to live as well as possible with any illness or disability they may have.

It can include help with things like:

getting out of bed
getting to work
cooking meals
seeing friends
caring for families
being part of the community
It might also include emotional support at a time of difficulty and stress, helping people who are caring for an adult family member or friend or even giving others a lift to a social event.

Care and support includes the help given by family and friends, as well as any provided by the council or...