Milk the Movie

Milk:   More Than An Activist
Tracy Wellsted
Davenport University
SOSC201 - Diversity In Society
Professor   Nancy   Bartkowski
November 20, 2010

The story Milk is a bibliography of the life and times of Harvey Milk, a gay   activist, who fought for and became an elected official in California during the 70‘s.   Through out the movie you hear Harvey recording his last testament to be played   if he is assassinated.  
On his 40th birthday, in a subway station Harvey meet and fell in love with his young lover, Scott Smith.   After some time they decided to move to San Francisco to find a higher gay populations, a better and open life.   They moved to the up and coming neighborhood known as “The Castro”, in San Francisco.   Harvey and Scott opened a little shop and named it “Castro Cameras”, this store would become the center of many important political and activist movements.   After many frustrations   and disappointments with bigotry and discrimination from neighbors and police.   Scott and Harvey decided they need to speak up and unite to fight the injustices that were happening all around them.   Harvey got on his “soap box” and never came down.    
After running and losing in 1973 and 1975 for City Supervisor and in 1976 for California State Assembly;   Harvey made changes to his political team and brought in Campaign Manager Anne Kronenberg to replace Scott who could no longer tolerate Harvey’s deep devotion to politics and left the relationship.   In 1977 Harvey won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.   In office Harvey forged many relationships some extremely valuable and productive such as with Mayor George Moscone, some tense and peculiar, such as with fellow supervisor Dan White and some straight up hated such as with John Briggs a legislator for Orange County, CA.  
As time goes by legislators realize that Harvey has power and people are listening to him, he has been able to support a ban of Coors Beer forging a strong union with the...