Migration in Birmingham

I think that living in multi-cultural city is a good thing because it means that the amount of racism in that city would be less than other parts of England where racism may be more frequent because are not accustomed to seeing people from different parts of the world, and because they have not seen people from other cultures before they think it is okay for them to insult and offend people from different cultures.   A bad thing about living in a multicultural city is that there may be more violence due to different views of religion, politics, cultures etc. What one culture may think of as a good deed, the other may take it to be a sin and therefore be offended.

People have come to Birmingham because probably because it is one of the most popular cities in the country being the second largest city in UK. There are also a lot of services and types of transports available as it is the centre of all motorways, because of this it is also a lot more accessible and therefore easier to get to. Because it is already multi-cultural, people may choose to come to this city because there may be parts of the city that also include people from their tradition and therefore there would be more support and help available on settling into this country.

Because there is a lack of skill in England, people are bought from other countries to fill in the gaps. People from other countries also bring traditions and culture with them. This could include, jewellery, music, dances, clothes etc. Because different cultures have their own unique style of making things, these cultural clothes etc may not be found in other parts of the country and therefore people might come to Birmingham in order to buy them. Music and dances could also be used in theatres and concerts; people enjoy experiencing something different and therefore come to theatres, these theatres may have an act showing life in different cultures and traditions.  
If there was only one type of tradition in a city, it...