Migration to Europe

Essay Number 2

              Many people are migrating over to particular countries in Europe because the economic opportunities that have presented itself over the past decade. Immigration and migrating is when someone moves a significant distance from their originally birth place into a different area permanently, while an immigrant is one who takes part in this activity. A demographic transition is the growth stage of which a country is currently going through. Many countries in the Western Europe and of Northern Africa is migrating to countries such as Germany, Ireland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom due to job opportunities, better living conditions, and also due to government encouraging immigrants to come into a country.

              Many European countries are in stage 5 of the demographic transition, which is when there is a high percentage of elderly and retired folks, whiling have a low percentage of working class citizens. This creates many problems because the countries, such as England, do not have enough people to work the odd jobs and to pay the government taxes. So the government is currently encouraging immigration in order to maintain a stable economic status. Both the immigrant and the government benefit from this because the worker gets better wages and working conditions, while the government gets tax money from it to support its country.

              In the past decade tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have tried to smuggle themselves into European countries in search of a better life. In the Canary Island alone, 32,000 illegal immigrants tried to sneak into the country in 2006 because of the living conditions they suffer in. African countries, such as Algeria, have a very unstable economy and there living conditions are terrible. There are hardly any jobs, they living conditions are terrible, and famine occurs every where daily. Algeria and almost all African countries are in stage 2 of the demographic transition, where...