Impacts of Migration

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Impacts of migration on places of origin and destination

Migration is the movement of people from their own original area to another area, whether in groups or travelling alone. People migrate for different reasons but whatever their reason is the area that thy migrate to is perceived to have pull factors (jobs, better health care and of unemployment and civil wars) and the areas places that they emigrate from are perceived to have push factors (low living standards, high rate of unemployment and civil wars) .This essay seeks to put in contrast the impacts of migration in southern African countries

Migration has advantages and disadvantages for both the country that people leave behind and the countries that they go to. For instance when a large number of intellectuals leave a country in   favour of another country ,the country that they leave will not develop properly because all the people who are educated enough to help a country develop and be productive are all gone, this is the case in   south Africa ,every year thousands of varsity graduates pack their bags and go over seas for better paying jobs(Dalen and Esveld,2003.37 ).Another pull factor for the countries abroad like the USA, Britain and the majority of Europe is that that their standard of living is very high as compared to that of developing nations which means better health care, free education and even better pensions ,but for 3rd world countries their push factors are ,high levels of crime and unequal distribution of basic   human facilities like health care and education.

For most southern African countries there are serious life threatening push factors that force people to migrate to other countries, these push factors are civil wars, natural disasters and starvation. In Rwanda there was a civil war in the 1990s between two ethnic groups the Tutsis and the Hutus, the Hutus were the majority so they had the upper hand and they killed a lot of Tutsis so the...