Microsoft Role in the Development of the Pc

Q 1


The Microsoft website is absolutely vast and contains so much information it gives the first-time visitor a sense of being overwhelmed. That said it is reasonably easy to negotiate your way around the site given the consistent use of menus across the top and down the left-hand side of each page and embedded hyperlinks to connected topics on different pages.

For the purposes of examining the role of Microsoft in the development of the PC there are several useful sections, not least of which is the 'timeline' feature found in the Microsoft Museum area:-   MS Timeline
This page details the history of Computing beginning in 1899 but swiftly switches to Microsoft history only as soon as we reach 1975. The method of navigating this particular feature is interesting with the user allowed to scroll horizontally along the time-line and each article detailed in a vertically scrolling text.  

A further feature of interest to us given our subject matter is the personal website of Bill Gates. This page gives a brief biography of the man who with his friend Paul Allen was the founder of the company. There are links to the Gates Foundation, Bill and his wife Melinda's efforts to direct some of their vast fortune into philanthropic initiatives, an archive of Bill's speeches and a catalogue of the written material published by him.

The design of the Microsoft site gives the reader the ability to quickly move back up several levels by using numerous 'menu bars' so, even when reading Bill's personal pages and utilising the horizontal menu bar within this 'page set', the main site menu remains visible in the top right hand corner of the screen allowing rapid movement to a completely different (Microsoft) topic.

It is a well designed site overall with something for everyone from the technically ignorant to the technically brilliant searching for everything from news to career opportunities through to educational material and corporate...