The Role of International Development

After the Second War World, people started to get acquainted with the phrase ‘international development’. International development is different from simple development. According to Wikipedia, international development is specifically composed of institutions and policies that   focus on alleviating poverty and improving living conditions in Third World decolonized countries. These days are called ‘era of globalization.’ The countries all over the world find benefits from each other when they cooperate. As a result, international cooperation programs have been   strongly presented to help develop international relationships.
ASEAN Millennium Leaders College Student Exchange Program is one of those mentioned programs. It’s a good opportunity that the Republic of Korea gives to ASEAN students. Through this program, selected ASEAN students would become representatives of their own country to bring their culture, introducing it to international friends, as well as get knowledges and experiences about the other countries as much as they can. After that, they would come back to their own countries with what they get though the proram to chase bigger goals. Some might think that big changes wouldn’t happen just because of few undergraduate students. But the truth is, if each country send not many representatives of theirs to attend this program every year, after about 10 years international relationships among those countries would become totally different. Besides, years after years, the number of the students who are gonna attend this program would surely highly increase. If those students gather up to popularize the knowledges they get during the time they spend in Korea, there’s no suspicion that big positive changes of international development are not far from their countries’ reach.
In Our country perspective, ASEAN Millennium Leaders College Student Exchange Program is an important student exchange program. Our country has set up diplomatic relationship with...