Micheal Rudy Essay

Michael and Rudy Essay
“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal” – Henry Ford. In both “Heart of a champion” and “Rudy” there are many examples of how the main characters Michael and Rudy followed their goals. Whether it was long hours after practice working out, or working on their studies, they were always working towards their goals and did not take failure as something bad, but something to learn off of.   Michael and Rudy are alike by loving football, having negative influences, and having motivation.
First, Rudy and Michael both love football, and is their dream to play it. One reason Rudy likes football is their dream to play it. One reason Rudy likes football is he wants to play football at Notre Dame, the team he has grown up loving since he was a child. Rudy also has perseverance and wants to achieve his goal. Lastly, Rudy does not have the grades for Notre Dame so he goes to Holy Cross and studies to get accepted and play football. “I’ll study twenty hours a day if I have to.”(Rudy) This shows how much Rudy wants to play football. Like Rudy, Michael also loves football more than anything. First of all, his main goal is to play football at the high school level. Next, he has the drive to get better at the sport that he loves. He also takes it upon himself to bet better, which shows his absolute love for the sport. “At the start of the next season, Michael ran the opening mile faster than anyone.” This quote shows that Michael has the drive to get better at the sport he loves. Even though Michael and Rudy both love football, they also had many negative influences.
Next, both Rudy and Michael have negative influences. One negative influence that Rudy has is his family thinks he can’t make it because of his size. Another negative influence Rudy has is us Girlfriend does not think he has a chance at Notre Dame. The next person that does not believe in Rudy is his Civics teacher, who does not even let him attend...