Mice Tourism



This project is dedicated to research a travel experience in Barcelona for those people who travel for MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Events) purposes. Business tourism is increasing its popularity every day, and in some cases it becomes the main type of tourism in the destination.
Nowadays business travellers are more experienced when they travel abroad than they were several years ago. These people are more difficult to impress during their stay in a city as they already know all the advantages and disadvantages of being a business traveller, as well as they have certain expectations. The best thing a city council can do for this group of tourists is to be aware of which are their expectations and needs, to do their best in creating a positive experience.
The MICE Industry plays one of the main roles in the development of tourism in many destinations. For MICE travellers, tourists who are travelling for MICE purposes are mainly professionals from a variety of essential industries, such as medicine, engendering, IT, technology, etc. Furthermore, these travellers are known in the tourism and hospitality industry as “big spenders” compared to the leisure tourists.
Which means an important source of income for Barcelona.

Literature review:

The MICE sector comprises one of the fastest growing sectors of the tourism industry Worldwide (Hing et al., 1998). In addition, the MICE sector has long been recognized as a sector that draws lucrative direct and indirect revenue for host destinations (Lawrence & McCabe, 2001). It consists of various components, including: conventions, conferences, meetings, seminars, trade shows, exhibitions, and incentive travel. Its activities require many different players, including transport (international and domestic), accommodation, pre- and post-conference touring, purpose-built convention centers, exhibition facilities and...