Mice Industry-an Introduction

Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition (MICE) Industry:

Analysis & Investment


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Table of Contents
I. Global Trends in MICE Industry Development 1
  (I) A 21st Century Goldmine 1
  (II)   The Asian MICE Industry Boom 2
II. The Status of MICE Industry Development in Taiwan 5
  (I) Supply & Demand 5
  (II)   An Analysis of Existing Gaps in the Industry Supply Chain, Investment Niches, and Prospective Foreign Investors 7
  (III)   Major Suppliers in Taiwan 11
III. Optimum Investment Items for Foreign Investors 12
  (I) Investment Advantages 12
  (II) Investment Niches and Suitable Investment Categories 17
IV. Successful Examples of Cross-Border Strategic Alliances and Foreign Investment in Taiwan 19
  (I) Uniplan (Germany) 19
  (II) Messe Frankfurt (H.K.) Ltd. Taiwan 19
V. Industrial Investment Incentives 21
VI. Industry-Academia Collaboration in Taiwan 25

Global Trends in MICE Industry Development

    The meeting, incentive, convention, and exhibition (MICE) industry—a service industry combining trade, transportation, finance, and travel—has been active in Europe and America for over a century. The MICE industry is characterized by the “Three Highs—high growth potential, high added-values, and highly beneficial innovations”; the “Three Larges—large output, large opportunities for employment, and large industry associations”; and the “Three Advantages—advantage over other industries in human resources, technological know-how, and the efficient utilization of assets.” Today, countries all over the world are putting their best foot forward to develop the MICE industry as a means to enliven national economic development.

1 A 21st Century Goldmine

    The MICE Industry...