Mgt 521 Identifying Issues at Kudler Fine Foods

Identifying Issues at Kudler Fine Foods
MGT 521
August 12, 2010
Dennis Hoerr

Identifying Issues at Kudler Fine Foods
      When analyzing a business situation, it is essential to differentiate between issues and problems.   Problems need to be solved.   Issues need to be resolved.   Problems have current negative effect on the company.   Issues have potential negative effect.   Problems demand an immediately remedy.   Issues call for eventual resolution.   The issues at Kulder Fine Foods (KFF) can be broken down into a series of business categories:   management, human resources, marketing, and operations.
      Kathy’s management strategy is ill-equipped to address the current and future needs of her organization.   The skills needed to establish the first store are inadequate to transition to a business enterprise.   Of particular interest are the in-store management positions.   What job descriptions were the manager and assistant hired to accomplish, and what are they currently doing?   A transition of the ordering, finance/accounting, and authority for decision-making to the management team of each store would free Kathy be present in her stores with her customers.
      Human resources demand a forward thinking comprehensive strategy.   Kathy will need to outsource her HR needs, or consider hiring an HR generalist to manage this area.   She must release the hiring, firing, and training of employees.   Implementation of an effective compensation and benefit plan will secure the long-term commitment of her key employees.   KFF should also consider a “key man” insurance policy on Kathy.
      Marketing presents a threat to the ongoing success of KFF.   The location of the second and third stores present a threat to the entire organization.   KFF must clearly define the ideal customer (“gourmand”), develop demographic knowledge to know where to locate future stores, and determine an effective marketing strategy to reach those customers.   Do Del Mar and Encinitas...