Method of Loci and Maintenance Rehearsal

The aim of this study is to examine the different between the use of Palace of Memory and rote repetition rehearsal method in memorizing. There are two experimental studies going to conduct and the result is predicted that the effect of the two methods would be depended on the nature of the task and the time period. The palace of memory would be better in the task that focus on content and in longer time period while rote repetition would be better in shorter time period and non-content nature of task.
Mnemonics are memory aids that assist one in remembering specific information by using a process, strategy, or technique that enables a person to improve memory (Higbee, 1977). Mnemonics are comprised of mental cues that are created to make information retrievable. This is done by associating a similar or dissimilar piece of information (mental cue) with the information needed to-be-remembered (Bellezza, 1996; Bjorklund, 2000)
The method of loci or the memory palace is one of the techniques for memorizing that has been practiced since Classical times. It is a kind of mnemonic link system based on places (loci, or locations), used most often in cases where long lists of items must be remembered in order. When you think of an item and save it in a location or with anything that is familiar to you, you are actually linking the item of recall to the item already stored into your long term memory. To achieve this method: First, to memorize a “series of distinct loci along a familiar pathway” (Moe & De Beni, 2005, p. 95). Second, convert to-be-remembered items into mental representations. Next, “deposit” the image along some salient location on the path (Roediger, 1980, p. 559).   Then, take a mental walk through the room to recall information. In this method, the loci can actually be used to remember more than one set of ordered things. The images may be replaced by new ones(Carruthers, 1990, Dudai 2002).

In this research, two...