Media Plan Example

Media Plan Developmental Outline Requirements
1. What additional information do you need to know?
a. Accountability of personnel and sensitive items.
b. Number of ammunition each Soldier has on-hand.
c. How often do Soldiers train/rehearse on ROE?
d.Were there any video coverage captured?
e. Number of rounds (ammo) fired from each weapon.
f. Security measures implemented in protecting the compound.
g. Number of injured, wounded and/or casualties.
h. Severity of SPC Jones’ injuries sustained in attack.
h. Challenges distributing food and water in timely manner.

2.   What are you command messages?   We are please to be here to assist the Azerbaijan government with humanitarian needs.   Our mission is to secure and store food supplies and ensure they are delivered to the NGO sites in a timely manner - the food is then distributed to the local population from these sites.   We are also responsible for providing security in our area of operation.   It is imperative that our Soldiers adhere to all measures outlined in ROE.   I hope we and the Azerbaijan government will continue to work together in future operations.  

3.   Develop a 30-second sound bite synopsis for release to the media at the beginning of your upcoming press conference.   We will continue our mission with securing and storing food supplies and ensure they are issued to the Azerbaijan government in a timely manner.   Our goal is to strive for maximum effectiveness and achieve success.   We will continue to implement security measures to protect our Soldier and our area of operation.   All Soldiers are trained on ROE measures and we will ensure these measures are not violated.   I hope we continue to work hand-n-hand with the Azerbaijan government for years to come.

4.   Develop 10 anticipated questions and their answers to ensure you are prepared to the address the media.
1a. How often are food supplies distributed to the local populace?
1b. We ensure that food supplies are distributed...