Community Action Plan

Sample community action plan-

Develop a Framework or Model of Change:

Example 1: Strategic Plan for the "Health for All Coalition: Increasing Access and Decreasing Disparities in Health"

1. Describe the community's vision

"Health for all", "Justice and Health for All People", "Equal Opportunity for Health"

2. State the mission

"To reduce disparities in health outcomes through community education, enhanced health services, and advocacy."
"To promote health for all people through collaborative planning, community action, and health and systems change."

3. State the objectives

a. By 2005, increase by 50% the percentage of children, by two years of age, that are appropriately immunized.
b. By 2006, increase by 30% the percentage of HIV-infected persons identified through enhanced outreach strategies in the community.
c. By 2006, increase by 60% the percentage of women, age 50+ years, that have had a mammogram in the past two years.
d. By 2008, increase by 50% the percentage of people with diabetes who have had a foot examination in the past year.
e. By 2008, reduce by 30% the percentage of adults and youth that smoke cigarettes or use tobacco-related products.
f. By 2010, increase by 40% the percentage of local residents who have a specific source of ongoing health care.

4. Identify the strategies of the group

a. Use social marketing and media advocacy to promote public awareness of the disparities in health outcomes and to help establish health equality as a major priority.
b. Build a community coalition that involves all relevant sectors of the community in promoting health for all.
c. Enhance peer support and grassroots involvement in promoting community health.
d. Promote coordination and integration of existing services and resources for promoting health.
e. Advocate for changes in programs, policies, and practices to improve access to and eliminate disparities in health and health care.

5. Provide an action...