Media Inventory

Media Inventory Reflection Paper
It is very hard to think that about twenty-five years ago people did not have the types of technology that we have today.   While doing this experiment it really opened up my eyes to how much time I waste by sitting in front of the television or computer.   It is in some way embarrassing to actually see how much time is wasted when I could have been outside hanging out with friends.  
When I am watching a show on TV or on the computer I am most of the time alone.   Sometimes I will watch a show with a friend or my sister so I have someone to talk to.   I play the computer game Sims a lot, to the point where some of my friends think I am addicted to it, and it is a game that you cannot play with other people, it is more of a one person game.   I look for entertainment when I watch TV or am on the computer, because that is what is most interesting to me.   People look for what interests them, if it doesn’t catch their attention then they will not read about it.   My time seeking entertainment does not even compare to how much I seek just information about something in the world.   When I get ready in the morning before school I have the TV on in the background and I listen to the news for about an hour and that’s all the news I consume in a day unless someone tells me.   It is more interesting to listen to things going on in celebrities’ lives then our own because in a way it makes our life better knowing that their lives are not perfect.
When I get ready in the morning I have the TV on Fox 9 news and I listen to that for about a half hour and then I change the channel to ABC Morning News.   Fox 9 has more news that is closer to what is happening around my county and then ABC Morning News tells me more about the bigger stories that are happening around the world.   Those are the only two channels that I watch about news because I can check their information between the two and get more of the story, because each news station reports the...