English 101 September 28, 2011

Throughout history we have questioned whether we should or shouldn't eat meat. With todays technology and studies we now know the role meat plays in our bodies. Meat has many nutrients that our bodies needs such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, iron, zinc, etc. Not eating meat also has its own benefits, such as it lowers the risk of heart failures, cancer and saves animals from cruelty. There are many positive and negative affects of meat in our bodies. Throughout this essay I will illustrate the benefits of eating meat, as well as the benefits of not eating meat. The benefits of meat include, protein, vitamins, fats, minerals, etc. The first benefit of meat is that meat has a great source of protein, which is required by our bodies in high amounts. Proteins plays important roles that are essential for our bodies functioning and well being. The most important role is building and repair of body tissues and forming of antibodies that fight infections. Meat is considered to be a high quality protein because it contains almost all the essential amino acids. The benefits of eating meat include a strong immune system.You will also find a lot of vitamins in meat as well. The most obvious ones are vitamin A, B and D. Vitamin A which strengthens our vision also develops bones and teeth and helps maintain the health of the skin. Vitamin B, which are found only in animal foods helps support central nervous system and enhances mental health . Vitamin D promotes calcium and phosphorus use, which help maintain healthy bones and teeth. Meat also contains a number of minerals, including iron, zinc, selenium

and etc. Our bodies need iron to form hemoglobin which is used to transport oxygen from the lungs to different parts of the body. Zinc is another mineral that comes from meat. Zinc helps boosts our metabolism and helps in the formation of tissues. Selenium, another mineral, helps us to breakdown fat and other chemicals in the body. Another...