A Diamond Personality Trait

CJA 473/ Managing Criminal Justice Personnel
February 6, 2012
Matthew Workman
A Diamond Personality Trait
      Personality traits convey a person’s character. Personality is defined how people interact with others.   Many employers use self-report measures known as the personality test, to measures someone’s personality.   Personal traits and heredity can determine someone’s personality.   Personality is something that can change over a period of time. Sometimes when people grow older, they grow wiser and this can cause someone’s personality characteristics to change.   MBTI is a personality-assessment which analyzes a person’s personality by conveying questions about how an individual will act in certain situations MBTI measures personality traits. This helps employers define how individuals will act in any given situations. MBTI is a tool that measures an individual’s self-awareness and it’s also a method that is used in providing career guidance.
      People are categorized by their personality into certain categories that can help predict their behaviors.   The five big personality traits are: Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional stability, and Openness to experience. Depending on a person’s score in each category can determine their strengths and weakness that can predict work behavior. There are other personality traits relevant to OB which are: machiavellianism, narcissism, self-monitoring, propensity for risk taking, and the Type A and proactive personalities. There are many different personality styles that help us in our everyday lives. When these styles are put together, a lot can be accomplished.
      Values are morals, they define what people believe in.   Values are important because they determine how an individuals feels about what is right, good, or desirable. Values influence attitude and behavior by helping us understand perception because of people’s attitudes and motivation. Terminal...