Mba Matrix

The beauty and complexity of the MBA matrix lies in the fact that it has a web of choices, each one intertwined from another. The facets may be different but the links are inevitable. How do you classify, sort and choose which one is best for you?
Personally, I must say that the choice has to depend on one’s strengths and potentials.

This paper will answer which program outcome do I think, will add the most value for me? And, which managerial competencies reflect my current strengths?

MBA Matrix:
I can say that I have travelled a thousand miles in order to come to America as an immigrant , way back in the year 2000.   My journey was never easy because I have to subject myself to intense American certifications and board examinations in order to be accepted.   But no amount of negativity persuaded me to quit. Moreover, I have always dreamed of obtaining an MBA degree someday somehow. Determination kept me focused towards these goal. I am also a critical thinker. This is a trait that I have honed since working in a critical care/intensive care unit of the hospital system. Determination, independence,critical thinking skills are my best assets.   In correlation to these character analysis, I opened the link called “Jungian Personality Profile” in our curriculum website yesterday to further validate and or refute my thoughts on what is the best MBA matrix for somebody who has the traits that I manifest.

Thus, after reading and analyzing the various MBA matrix in detail,and correlating it with my own personality profile, I have concluded that there are two fields that I find interesting. First is “Strategic Planning and Implementation”. Second is “Management”.   If I may refer back to the Jungian Personality profile, the assessment conluded my character as “skeptical,critical,independent,and determined. Possible career are as follows:Business analyst, Environmental planner, Lawyer, Reporter, Engineer, Scientist.”
“Strategic Planning and Implementation Matrix”...