Mass Communication

Question 3:
Distinguish between formal and informal organization.
Definition: An organization refers as the coordination of individuals, each perform different tasks, to achieve a common goal. Organization vary in structure, environment, and purpose, each of which effects the type of individual attracted to the organization, how the act within it, and how effectively it accomplishes its goals.The term organization also means different things to different people. It is used widely to mean a group of people, a structure of relations, a process and function of management
As described above, an organization is a network of relationship among individuals working together in an enterprise. The relationships are of two types-formal and informal organizations. The authority relationships created by management are called formal relationship. Or formal organization refers to the structure of well defined jobs each having a definite authority and responsibility. The relationship arising as a result of the social interaction among the people are known as informal relationship. Beneath of formal organization in every institution, there exists a complex system of social relationships called informal organization. Therefore, there are two types of organization: formal and informal organization. Below are some differences between formal and informal organizations

|FORMAL ORGANIZATION                                               |INFORMAL ORGANIZATION                                             |
|1.Consciously created by management                               |1.Arises spontaneously out of social contacts of people           |
|2.Based on delegation of   authority                               |2.Based on common interests, language cast,religion,etc.         |
|3.Stable and predictable                                         |3.fickle and unpredictable                                       |
|4.Emphasis on jobs and function of the enterprises...