Martin Luther King I Have a Dream

Martin Luther King ‘I have a dream’
Chief Seattle-Letter to the United States President
Analysis and Comparison
During the mid-20th century,racism was a huge issue in the United States.The most prominent was the racism towards African-Americans.Although all blacks were supposed to be free from slavery ,under a corrupt law system,people of colour were victimized mercilessly.
Matin Luther King was a Christian church minister ,and believed in peaceful protest,following the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi. More than 40 years ago in August 1963- 250,000 black and white people   took part in a march in Washington D.C where Dr King electrified America with his momentous ‘I have a dream’ to be recognised as one of the best speeches of them all.And has been recreated in film.
In a matter of just 17 minutes King Influenced his audience by keeping a sound structure.In a corrupt U.S many Blacks did have little to no education around the   1950‘s.This is one of the only reasons he used quite basic speech and repetitive language.(As King was an intelligent man)Although it is simple it is definitely an effective speech speech.According to most,the speech is a masterpiece of rhetoric.
As mentioned,Martin Luther King speech revolves around repetition, as it repeats- “I have a dream”.This is done to emphasise the future tense used to give certainty for equality amongst America.As the word ‘dream’
is a vague aspiration it appears as if the speech is not meant sink in as a negitive speech and delve into the graphic past of slavery and segregation.But to be positive and appear as if Martin Luther King has futhured his pursuit for the future equality.
There are many uses of ‘I’ in the text.The use of ‘I; emphasises the fact that his views are not shared by everyone in the audience or everyone the speech is broadcasted to is not shared by everybody,therefore not using ‘’we’ or ‘us’.I have also come to realise that he did not use ‘my people’ I think this has happened because   not many...