Dr Martin Luther King,

Have you ever heard about Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.? If not, you can easily find his information on the Internet. There are large numbers of websites wrote about King’s life and his career. In addition to basic information, some websites make mention of some fact which we do not usually read on the newspaper or see on the TV. In the world with too many choices, we have to decide which website and which information are useful. Moreover, as student when we are doing research paper, we need to choose very carefully. Among three websites FAIR, Workers World, Human Events about the question of “What did he do for the world?”, only site FAIR is useful for research because it has the best authority, coverage and objective.

The frist thing to use for comparing 3 websites is authority. Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon are the authors of the article in FAIR. We can know clearly they are “syndicated columnists and authors of Adventures in Medialand: Behind the News, Beyond the Pundits (Common Courage Press)”. Standing their positions, the information they gave in the article have a great value. Similar to FAIR, we can also know Fances Rice is the author of the article in Human Events but it offers less author’s information than FAIR. Different from FAIR and Human Events, Wokers World do not show the writer. We only know the article came from a recording and the time it was published. Therefore, compared to the other two websites, FAIR is the best resource in terms of authority.

In addition, FAIR also offers the best coverage since it offers more information on my topic than other two sites. All informations which FAIR gives are about Martin Luther King. Unlike FAIR, Human Events is written about King, some other people who was republican and Democrat Party. Workers World talk very little about what King did for his country. The article of FAIR not only talk about basic information of King but also about his activities which do not make US Government satisfactory....