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In the travel and tourism industry there are 3 key components that are joined together in order to make up a UK Tour Operator’s package holiday. The three main components are:
  * Accommodation
  * Transport
  * Ancillary Services


Accommodation is where you plan to stay during your package holiday.   There is a large variety of accommodation available to tourists. From a ‘bucket and spade’ caravan holiday in Summerset to a ski chalet in the Alps, accommodation varies from all shapes and sizes, price and requirements to cater for all what the customer wants. I have listed a variety of available accommodation below.
  * Hotels,
  * Apartments,
  * B and B’s,
  * Lodges,
  * Chalet’s
  * Motels,
  * Tent,
  * Cruise ship,
  * Caravan’s
  * Cottage’s
Accommodation wanted all depends on what type of holiday you’re going on and the overall budget.    


Transport is the second key component to a package holiday. The way you travel to a destination is very important. There are three ways to travel. Land, sea and air. Similarly to accommodation these options vary from cost and personal preference. Also depending on the holiday location. For example certain places in the world, you can only travel by plane or boat.
A few examples of accommodation are:
  * Ship,
  * Ferry,
  * Coach ,
  * Car,
  * Train,
  * Motor home,
  * Bike,

Ancillary Services

Ancillary services are the last of the key components. This covers
  1. Welcome party
  2. Information on resort
  3. Excursions
  4. Resort representatives
  5. Resort advice (usually covered under information on resort)

Welcome Party!

Clever companies do this at the start of the holiday in order to get holiday makers to spend and book as soon as they arrive. It may be possible that some excursions and events in location can be paid for cheaper else where, therefore the reps will try and sell as much as they can first....