Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries

The following assignment describes how I as a teacher will identify my learner’s abilities and needs, and the ways I will assess what they have learnt. It explains how I will plan, design, deliver and evaluate the course I will be teaching, taking into account my responsibilities to the college and as a tutor. I also look at the different boundaries I will face and how to overcome them.

Indentify Needs

The college offers IAG sessions that tutors are advised to attend. Information and guidance is given to potential learners about the courses. Learners complete an initial assessment; it is my responsibility to submit these forms before the course begins. These forms will identify any proior learning, suitability and any additional needs.

Additional needs such as SENs, disabilities / language barriers, are boundaries I will face as a tutor. I work alongside the section manager to plan / implement support and will be responsible for the learners individual learning programme, progress and assessment.

During the first session I will undergo the ILP process with the learners to ensure that they understand their learning aims. Learners complete their personal outcomes independently and begin their induction. I ensure enrolment forms / learner documents have been signed and returned.

It is also my responsibility to inform the learners that they may be able to claim financial help towards the course.

Plan/Design the course

A scheme of work is prepared in advance to enable me to plan my teaching in a progressive way for the style of learners I have. The scheme of work is reviewed at regular intervals. This is to ensure that as different tutors take over the course that the content is still relevant, and any new guidelines / developments are assessed and improved accordingly.

It is now my responsibility to develop a lesson plan taking into account individual learning needs and styles.

I ensure that any boundaries are assessed,
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