Peter−Donnelly: Preface to Marketing Management, Eighth Edition

Section I: Essentials of Marketing Management

2. Marketing Research: Process and Systems for Decision Making

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Chapter Two

Marketing Research: Process and Systems for Decision Making
Marketing managers require current,
reliable, useful information to make effective
decisions. In today’s highly competitive global economy, marketers need to exploit opportunities and avoid mistakes if they are to survive and be profitable. Not only is sound marketing research needed but also a system that gets current, valid information to the marketing decision maker in a timely manner. This chapter is concerned with the marketing research process and information systems for decision making. It begins by discussing the marketing research process that is used to develop useful information for decision making. Then, marketing information systems are briefly discussed. The chapter is intended to provide a detailed introduction to many of the important topics in the area, but it does not provide a complete explanation of the plethora of marketing research topics.

The Role of Marketing research is the process by which information about the enviMarketing ronment is generated, analyzed, and interpreted for use in marketing Research decision making.1 It cannot be overstated that marketing research is an aid
to decision making and not a substitute for it. In other words, marketing research does not make decisions, but it can substantially increase the chances that good decisions are made. Unfortunately, too many marketing managers view research reports as the final answer to their problems; whatever the research indicates is taken as the appropriate course of action. Instead, marketing managers should recognize that (1) even the most carefully executed research can be fraught with errors; (2) marketing research does not forecast with certainty what will happen in the future; and...