The Stock Market for the Future

Johann Sun

The Stock Market for the future


The Stock Market for the future

      Let’s just say, what will you think if a sensitive Nerd of some kind living in the Bahamas, or an eight-year-old working as a NASA space shuttle designer? Right now you would think it is impossible, right? But it all can happen if the reality of how much money is worth can change it all. In other words the stock market game can make the impossible possible for the future.

      The first stock my team chose was Nintendo Inc. I had always thought that gaming companies were making lots of money. So since everyone liked it, we bought it. That was the worst decision our group ever made. The stock for Nintendo was so low we had to sell it immediately. Then our next choice was Apple. Everybody was mentioning it so we decided to take a look. We had to be more careful than last time, so we decided to split up and look at different resources that apple might be good. It was doing great at that time so we bought one thousand shares.

      The risk for apple was okay for my group. Since our last stock didn’t turn out well we had to be cautious in case it goes down again. Apple sold electronics so when our group first heard about it, we had to think hard because the electronic store Circuit City had bankrupted and lost money for many shares. This could cause a great loss in our money and the entire game. We had to investigate more; we asked family and friends who are in the stock market right now about apple. In the end all of the sources our group went through, all of them said apple was good, so we bought one thousand shares.

      Everybody wants a space in the world. So that means that they should save up money for the stuff they want as well, just like me. If I ever wanted a house right now, the stock market game can help me with all sorts of decisions, such as what houses to buy or stuff like that. But in literal terms an eleven year old like me wouldn’t be able...