After analyzing Toyota’s SWOT, now I will tell you about the value chain of Toyota. First, I want to remind you that the value chain contains of 2 main components : primary activities and support activities.

The primary activities begin with inbound logistics. Toyota does not created their own raw materials, they use a third party. They handed the small parts such as leather seat, tire to local companies and imported critical parts like a machine from Japanese center.
At operation step, Toyota used various systems to be efficient and effective. This method is called TPS, which means Toyota Production System. There are two main components of TPS : Just in time and Jidoka.
After using TPS method to make a car, they will directly send it to their dealer. If they have to send the car for a long distance or export it, they will use a container. And that’s what we call outbound logistics.
At the next step, marketing and sales, Toyota let their dealers implement their own strategies.
Finally, let’s inquire into Toyota’s service. Their concept is the customer number one. It makes them always try to meet customer needs and continuously improve their services.

Moreover, beside the primary activities, we also have the support activities in value chain mangement.
First, let’s talk about the firm infrastructure. Toyota’s infrastructure is very mordern and sophisticated. It is a robotic system with human as the operator. In terms of human resource management, Toyota has approximately 300,000 employees worldwide, who are tested and are trained carefully based on their own expertise and experiences. Moreover, Toyota is very concerned with the safety of their customer. That is why Toyota did not stop doing research and development of safety technology. Finally, about the procurement polici, Toyota has three procurement policies. First, they require their suppliers to provide quality items at a low price and in a timely manner. Second, they corporate with their...