Unit title Strategic marketing

Unit title

Strategic marketing
150 hours 7 (Postgraduate)

Learning time ABP qualification framework level

Unit description
The Unit considers the role of marketing as an activity that generates sales, revenues and profits for organisations. Marketing activities have their own strategic aims but these have to be aligned with and support overarching business strategies. Marketing faces challenges such as the impact of changing technologies, digital and social marketing, customer behaviour as well as relationship and service based activities. The dynamic nature of strategic marketing means that marketing has a role as a transformational agent for businesses. By contributing to competitive advantage marketing allows businesses to achieve their goals.

Learning outcomes
1 2 3 4 Understand the role of marketing strategy in contributing to business objectives Understand the marketing strategy options available to businesses Understand the impact of the business environment on strategic marketing decisions Understand the ethical factors that need to be considered when formulating marketing strategy

ABP Extended Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration November 2010


Unit title Strategic marketing

Learning outcomes, content and assessment criteria
It is expected that students will be self-motivated to enquire into the topics under discussion, to question traditional theory, and compare and contrast theory with their own professional knowledge and practice. For some students this will mean building upon existing knowledge and earlier studies, whilst for others it will mean drawing upon practical experience. Programme delivery can include class-based teaching and learning, such as lectures, tutorials and seminars, including discussion groups where professional practice can be shared and discussed. The use of real and simulated cases studies, using external organisations with guest facilitators is...