Introduction 3
Micro Environment 4
Macro Environment 5
Segmentation 9
Targeting Strategy 10
Buyer Behaviour and its affects on Arriva 11
Positioning 13
Conclusion 15


In order to identify Arriva’s opportunies and threats, the company muct begin to understand the marketing environment in which it operates. Although Arriva needs to look at its marketing environment, the opporunties and threats will also comprise of factors outside of marketing that allow Arriva to maintain a successful relationship with its target customers. This is generally known as the Macro and Mirco envrionment. Using pestel anlysis can help with this
Micro Environment
This is commonly known as the near or internal environment.
Within Arriva there are six Mirco environments that affect the ability to fulfil its aims to its target market
  * The first force is Arriva itself – Manging directors are responsible for making sure that all aspects of Arriva’s marketing stragegy are in uniform. This can anything from employees to commication.

Macro Environment
Both Kodak and WaterCo are significantly influenced by political factors in terms of organisational change although it can be argued that the influence on WaterCo has been more pronounced. The political context of globalisation though is a main consideration for Kodak but it is diffuse and spread over other factors as discussed subsequently. However WaterCo’s existence as an independent private company can be attributed to changes in the political environment of the UK favouring privatisation under the prevailing economic ideology of the time which saw a large number of public utility companies privatised and/or broken up into smaller and more...