Business Plan



Table of Contents
    • Executive Overview
    • Market conditions
    • Distributor:
    • Competition:
    • Market Segments
    • Target market
    • Product and Business Review
    • Swot
    • Goals and Objectives
    • Marketing Mix
    • Whole Selling:
    • Distribution
    • Launching Strategy
    • Promotional Mix
    • Training
    • Pricing model
    • Recommended
    • Price list
    • Training
    • Packaging requirements
    • Shipping requirements
    • Payment terms
    • Unit forecast
    • Management Summary
      Business Plan
Executive Overview:

This plan has been prepared: to provide background information about the current environment in which cosmetics companies are operating in Pakistan and the present state of the cosmetics market in general; to give information about our company and its interest in taking on the brand for Pakistan; and to give a broad idea of how the brand will be introduced and marketed in the current environment.

Market conditions:
a. Population: 165 millions (July 2006 est.)
b. Urban/Rural population: 34% / 66%; urban population growing at a faster rate than the rural population
c. GDP growth rate: 6% and more over the last five years
d. Per capita income: US$ 800
Company Background:
DHS International is a part of CCL group. CCL Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. started operations in 1965. It is manufacturing and marketing company for human pharmaceuticals. DHS started operation in 2002. It is involved in import of finished pharmaceutical/ phytopharmaceutical products from France, Argentina and China. Since 2005, DHS is also the exclusive agent for French brands Lierac (skin care), Phytosolba (hair care), Innoxa (colour cosmetics), Caron (fragrances) and Smackers.
DHS is a wholly owned family business, incorporated as a private limited company.

Contact information:
The head office is located at 65 –...