Doing Business in the USA
The U.S. is essentially a nation of immigrants. It is a culturally diverse country. Stop and look at passers-by in any major city and you will see that this is a 'melting pot' where people of all ethnic origins live. Most Americans will tell you that their family originally came from another country and many of these ethnic groups retain pride in their old cultures and habits, integrating them into American society.
Most people who come to the country already know a few things about Americans, mainly via Hollywood and music. Although this is a skewed view some of the stereotypes are accurate. For example, American friendliness and informality is legendary. People will not wait to be introduced and will even begin to speak with strangers as they stand in a line, sit next to each other at an event, or gather in a crowd.

Communication Style

Americans are direct in the way they communicate. They value logic and linear thinking and expect people to speak clearly and in a straightforward manner. Time is money in the U.S. so people tend to get to the point quickly and are annoyed by beating around the bush. Communicating virtually (i.e. through email, SMS, Skype, etc) is very common with very little protocol or formality in the interaction. If you are from a culture that is more subtle in communication style, try not to be insulted by the directness.

Business meetings

Arrive on time for meetings since time and punctuality are important. In the Northeast and Midwest, people are extremely punctual and view it as a sign of disrespect for someone to be late for a meeting or appointment. In the Southern and Western states, people may be a little more relaxed, but to be safe, always arrive on time, although you may have to wait a little before your meeting begins. Meetings may appear relaxed, but they are taken quite seriously. With the emphasis on controlling time, business is conducted rapidly. Expect very little small talk before...