This course offers an introduction to the disciplines with global marketing communication and to the concept and practice of integrated marketing communication planning. It includes descriptions of fundamental theory and practice within advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, and e-commerce. Cultural difference, social-political issues, and global communications institutions in helping multinational organizations communicate with target audiences will be discussed.  
Objectives of the course:
  * Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of the marketing communication tools,
  * Understand the cross-cultural differences and restrictions in the use of various marketing communication tools.
  * Critically analyze each business situation and identify an appropriate communication and promotional mix strategy to assist in achieving marketing and promotional objectives.
  * To track, analyze and recommend strategies for global orgnaizaitons.

Educational Principles:
In this unit, you will be encouraged and facilitated to develop the ability and desire to:
  * Apply global marketing communication marketing to real world situations.
  * Understand and solve complex marketing problems in a global level.
  * Demonstrate a practical ability to find key information about organizations IMC strategies
  * Demonstrate sound verbal and written communication skills.
  * Work in a team environment.
  * Work on projects on a weekly basis.

Course Materials:
  * Advertising Education Foundation –
  * Seducing the Subconscious: The Psychology of Emotional Influence in Advertising; By Robert Heath
  * Harvard Business Review Course readings:
  * Other relevant materials are available on Blackboard or will be...