Unilever is one of the world’s most important providers of fast moving customer supplies across foods, home and personal product group. Unilever’s collection comprises a quantity of the world’s best familiar and mainly loved brands. Unilever is a multinational consumer product developed huge in service in over many countries all over the world. Over the most recent four decades, Unilever Bangladesh has been continuously bringing innovative and globe division goods for the Bangladeshi people to take out the everyday labor of life. More than 90% of the country’s house use one or more goods.
Unilever Bangladesh is the Bangladesh section of Unilever, where the business holds 60.75% share while the Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh holds 39.25% distribute. Unilever goods are buying 160 million periods a day and worn 2 billion times a day in over semi the family on the earth. Unilever Bangladesh Ltd propose a large diversity of customer supplies to the citizens of Bangladesh

Unilever operation is to assist people everywhere enlarge the excellence of their life without risking their ecological trail. We have set out an ambitious plan to help more than a billion people take accomplishment to get better their physical condition and well-being, to bisect the environmental impact of our products and to get better the livelihoods of half a million people in our supply chain by 2020.

Task 1
Explanation of various elements of marketing process of Unilever Bangladesh.
Marketing is the collection to everybody is bare to the marketing every day even when they do not identify it and billboards with this the nation. These fraction give details that an opportunity into the world marketplace and diverse aspects and will pay notice about marketing combine. The marketing is a idea that it is rising the new marketing. They are also known as four “P’s”. The important for an association to have a good understanding and every element is main developing a marketing plan....